Food and cooking

Ferment raw vegetables

Fermenting raw vegetables is a simple process that delivers deliciously tangy results that are great for you health , with minimal effort, equipment, and expense. Why: Fermenting food is an age-old method of food preservation. Producing your own fermented vegetables connects you directly to thousands of years of food culture and technology, and gives you

Red, White, Brown: 3 basic sauces

So you’ve made some pasta or rice and want to make a quick sauce, or perhaps you want to take some veggies to another level. There are many sauces all over the world and as long as you know these three, you can make just about anything. Although some have very fancy names, we will

Bake sourdough bread

Try this simplest possible sourdough bread, no kneading, no precise measurements, the essence of simple, practical baking as it’s been for thousands of years. There’s no point in doing this course if you don’t end up with a fresh loaf of bread, and it’s so easy, so prepare to bake! Why: Baking a loaf of

Make exceptional green salads

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make an endless variety of truly awesome salads. No recipes, no fancy equipment, no special kitchen techniques required. The secret to never-ending satisfaction in salad making is to realize that there are no limits. You can put together fantastic new combinations of taste and

Basic vegetable preparation

Welcome to another exciting course. Many aspiring home chefs disappoint themselves over and over again simply by not executing the right cut. (There might have been a pun in there somewhere.) Seriously, this is really important. Restaurants and large kitchens actually have Prep Chefs who are trained to chop vegetables for certain cooking purposes and