Health and well-being

Ferment raw vegetables

Fermenting raw vegetables is a simple process that delivers deliciously tangy results that are great for you health , with minimal effort, equipment, and expense. Why: Fermenting food is an age-old method of food preservation. Producing your own fermented vegetables connects you directly to thousands of years of food culture and technology, and gives you

Turn trash and junk into art

Turning garbage into art is different from conventional arts and crafts, where you buy materials at the art store. With trash and junk, you are at the mercy of form, texture, and pattern, and must learn to work with your imagination. Why this: Every last one of us has an inner artist, who must be

Microbes: tiny little critters

Good, bad, ugly? Microbes, microorganisms, tiny little living critters, like bacteria, mold, and fungi, are all over the place, in conversation, in the news, living by the trillions on our skin and in our bodies. Knowing what’s what is useful. Why this: A simple understanding of microscopic organisms goes a long way to making sense

Build a powerful daily routine

How to get started on useful tasks, and develop a daily routine that ensures steady progress in all your endeavors. This simple, lightweight system takes a few minute to set-up, and can be started immediately, regardless of your situation. Once started, it’s easy to keep going. Why this: A regular, disciplined routine is the only