Internet and digital

Understanding Wikipedia

As a first-stop general research site for the widest range of subjects, nothing comes close to Wikipedia. This course presents the basic information you need to understand why, and offers a quick user’s guide. Why: Wikipedia is an incredibly useful learning tool, and a fascinating large-scale experiment in people self-organizing and working together, and one

Video equipment basics

Literally billions of people—over two billion smartphone owners—can shoot video at a moment’s notice. Uploading a video to a potential audience of even more billions is just as quick and easy. That’s pretty wild. Smartphones do a generally good job of being a casual all-in-one video tool, but whenever you start shooting video regularly, you’ll

Reduce password anxiety

In this course, you will learn how to create a simple password system that’s easy to remember and highly secure. The 20 minutes you spend here will save you endless hours of cybersecurity annoyance, frustration and stress. Why this: Passwords are the ground level of security on the internet. Before the online era, most of