The main goal on this site is to complete every single course in the collection. The courses are super-basic, so the odds are pretty good that you already know what’s in at least some of them. Browse through. Most take 10 minutes or less for a quick read. Once you’ve identified for sure the ones you don’t need, start doing the rest!

The hardest part of learning is completing something for the very first time. When you’ve done it once, it’s a million times easier to repeat and improve.

The aim of each course is to get you to that successful first-time result, as quickly, easily, and enjoyably as possible. When you’re done, you’ll be able to say, “Did it! Got it!” The value of learning something new and useful is immense.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – There’s a FAQ or Tips or Hints page at the end of just about every course, where you’ll find a bunch of basic background information and explanations. If you’re not clear on something in a lesson, check the FAQ! If you like, read that last lesson first.

Quizzes appear in courses to help in learning (well, they will be appearing). They aren’t used a tests, they’re learning games, and they’re fun!


Common sense is a requirement for Bubblworx courses. Nothing here is difficult to do or understand. Don’t get distracted by unnecessary considerations, just read through and give it a try. If the instructions don’t seem detailed enough at some point in a course, don’t freak out, don’t stop, instead, figure out what’s stopping you and solve it. You can also post a comment or send us an email, but chances are, all the information you need is there.