Build a powerful daily routine

Tips and ideas

The main thing is to start immediately.

Don’t sweat the details. Start a list any way that’s quickest, list at least one good daily item on a piece of paper immediately, and improve the whole thing as you go.

You can add “improve list” as a daily task until your list method is in good shape.

Don’t be fooling yourself. You can definitely tell—you can feel it—if an item on the list isn’t quite right. Pay attention to that feeling, and fix the problem.


So you put things off. Not doing something you’ve decided you should be doing, and instead doing something else that’s not as important, is a pretty good definition. The daily list is both a reminder and an anti-procrastination device. Checking off each item each day is fun, facing a list of unchecked items at the end of the day is not fun.

An easy and super-effective extra tool is to use a timer. Set a reasonable period of time to work on something, say, 25 minutes. Hit the timer and start working towards something on the list. When the timer ends, you can stop, or take a few minutes break, and start again, or stop entirely, or just keep going. The popular version of this is called the Pomodoro Technique, where you work for 25 minutes, take 5, then start the timer again.