Ferment raw vegetables


It’s almost shocking how little you need. Here it is:

  • glass jar with lid (a mason jar is perfect, or reusing a jar that contained food)
  • salt (kosher salt or pure sea salt, you don’t want the iodine in table salt, or anything else that may kill off the good bacteria, check the ingredients on the label so you see only…salt)
  • water (same as for salt, you don’t want chemicals that could kill good bacteria, like in chlorinated tap water—any type of bottled water with nothing added is fine, you don’t need much, check the label just in case, you want water only)
  • weight (use anything that’s food-grade, like a small ziploc bag filled with water, or carrot sticks, anything to keep veggies from poking up out of the liquid or floating to the top, so they don’t start to spoil from bad bacteria before the fermenting kicks in)

That’s it. Jars with lids, salty water, and something to keep the veggies from poking up above the surface of the liquid until the fermentation process has kicked in.