Five rules for Tiny Farming

Rule 4: Don’t wait

The essence of this rule is, don’t delay.

This makes sense when it’s something minor and immediate, like, don’t leave that rake lying around to be picked up later, put it away now.

Things can get less clear when it comes to bigger choices, when there are Decisions to be made. Here, you have to look for internal signs that tell you whether you truly haven’t thought things through yet, or if you’re just stalling.

When you really want to do something, the signs are easy to spot when you pay attention. For example, you’ve been really thinking about getting chickens for eggs this season. The details are sufficiently worked out: you have a good idea for building an enclosure, you know the breed and number of chicks and where they’re coming from, and so on, and all the costs have been written down. You have a working plan, yet you feel like you’re waiting to make the final decision to go ahead. Well, if you literally pause for a moment and ask yourself, “Does the thought of doing this feel exciting, yes or no?”, you’ll find the answer. Don’t wait another minute, start: pick up the phone and place your order, or whatever is the next step. Just do it!

This is partly about the perils of procrastination, the high cost of putting things off, but there’s more to it. Doing things right away, small things like cleaning up, and bigger things, like acting on decisions, builds its own momentum, generates motivation and energy, excitement. It becomes self-fueling. And this is a fine frame of mind to be in when tiny farming: happy and driven.