Getting started and daily routine

Pick daily tasks carefully

Here’s the entire system: you pick the things that you want to do daily, write them down as a list, check them off as you do them, and do this every day.

The devil is in the details, but there’s nothing complicated, only things you need to pay attention to as you start.

  • brief entries, a word or two to remind you
  • no minimums: don’t bother setting minimum goals for each item if you don’t have to. For example, to read a few books you have on hand but never got to, writing “read book” is fine. As long as you pick up the book and read at least a sentence, the smallest meaningful chunk, you can check off the item for that day.
  • don’t over-pick
  • keep all the items at the same level, in manageable, single action chunks
  • look for balance: not fooling yourself, not padding, not overdoing, nothing important left out