Make exceptional green salads

Recipes revisited

In Lesson 2, we said that recipes aren’t needed in salad making, but that’s not to say that they’re of no use. Recipes tell us what ingredients work together, and how to make familiar foods. With the internet, we have easy access to endless recipes, so of course, take advantage!

Use a recipe to make local favorites. The Caesar salad and ranch dressing are practically household names in North America. Look them up. You’ll find the same basic ingredients and LOTS of variations. Start with a recipe, see how it works out, then make changes if you want to adjust the taste, or use the ingredients you have on hand. Check out local favorites from around the world.

Use recipes to get ideas. There are endless different salad recipes. Browse through some of the endless different salad recipes to see what different ingredients and combinations other folks are using. Simple as that.

Write down things that work: Memory is a funny thing, it’s amazing what you can easily forget, like the details of a particularly fantastic salad mix or dressing that you created just like that. It can drive you crazy. Get a notebook, keep a folded up sheet of paper in a kitchen drawer, whatever works to take notes when needed and have them at hand.