Secure passwords made simple

Think through

A different password for every account is common advice that also seems kinda…crazy. Between the sites you visit, the games you play, the devices you own, you can easily rack up dozens, even hundreds of passwords.

Here’s where a mind trick called common-sense thinking can provide relief. Now that you know how to easily store a few super-strong passwords in your head, you can give some thought to your own approach that’s both

For example, what if you divided your password accounts into a couple of groups:

  • High security: A different password for each account where you have bank, credit card or other valuables, or identity details like full name, address, and so on, stored.
  • Lower security: For accounts where there is only email address, username and password stored, you could consider one universal password.

Say you have your bank, Amazon, Netflix, and a Google Play for apps,

Password manager…. KeePass

Or, you could use Google, Facebook stalked, spied on and bundled up for sale is true, although you could use milder words, and be fine with it.