Bake sourdough bread

What you need

Here is everything you need to bake sourdough bread.


  • big mixing bowl
  • covered baking dish (Dutch oven or casserole with lid)
  • oven

About the baking dish: The dough can double in volume when baked, so the dish has to be deep enough to let the bread to rise without touching the lid and burning. For a 4″ high loaf, the dough should fill the container to 2″ and be at least 4″ high. Too big a container, and you’ll have a really flat loaf.


  • active sourdough starter (explained next lesson)
  • flour (any all-purpose wheat)
  • water (preferably non-chlorinated)
  • salt (preferably no additives)

Preferably means use what you have if you don’t have a choice, things will most likely work out.