Video equipment basics

Some things you could do

It’s crazy all the things you could do with just your…smartphone. The video camera on just about any smartphone is good enough. When you take a minute and think of the possibilities, can compare that to just 15 or 20 years ago…it’s wild.

  • Talking head videos–You look into the camera and speak to the world from YouTube.
  • How-to videos–Gutting a fish, knitting a scarf, home genetic engineering,…focus on your hands doing stuff.
  • Travel videos–The breathtaking scenery, the exotic traffic jams, chats with the locals and your own narration.
  • Local news show–Local newspapers are near dead, local TV news sucks…do it yourself!
  • Training videos–No company with employees is too small to have a training video!
  • Movies–Shoot a short, or even a full-length (almost no-budget) movie, with actors, locations, the works…and why not?!

You could do all of the above using nothing but a smartphone with a video editing app.

The only good reason to add more equipment is to improve your results.

In the following lessons, you’ll learn about all the basic tools in the video toolbox.