Video equipment basics

Video camera

The two common, basic choices for shooting video are smartphone or camera. You likely have one, or both (over 2.4 billion people are smartphone users, and the number is growing fast). Depending on what type of video you plan to shoot, both are viable choices for your main video camera.

A smartphone, especially a top model from the last three or four years, can record high quality video, and you can upload directly to the internet, if that’s your final goal. It can probably also run an editing app. A quick way to decide whether it will work for you is to try shooting the type of video you’d normally be using it for.

Cameras made for still photography can also record high quality video, and you’ll also need a computer to edit and upload.

  • better lens, including zoom
  • bigger sensor
  • more storage
  • better battery

There’s also the camcorder, some of which can also take still photos. For now, we’ll consider camcorders the same as still cameras.

Finally, the tablet and the laptop. Tablets you can consider like smartphones. Most newer laptops have built-in webcams and microphones, and you can also install an external webcam and mic.