How to write how-to articles

Your big advantages

Creating courses based on your own experience, you have TWO big advantages over any other type of how-to writing.

First, you are intimately familiar with what you’re writing about, you don’t need research, you’re an expert, it’s already all in your head. If you run into something that you’re not factually sure about, ignore the urge to research and keep going. You’re writing down what you actually do in real life, nothing more.

Editing a finished piece is much easier than adding extra bits as you go. Simply record your experience.

Your second advantage is that you have the ability to write easily. You’re articulate, you have the words to express yourself, and you’re able to verbally describe things well. All you need for course writing is to write down what you would say aloud, no more. It’s exactly like transcribing a recording of you speaking.

There’s no worry about writing style. Write it down as you would say it, and your natural voice will be there.

Just get to the end.