New web site!

Just switched in Version 2 of the web site, after weeks of wrangling with endless WordPress plugins. The new site is still WordPress, but stripped down for speed, and we got rid of the e-learning courses plugin, in favor of a simpler set-up.

WordPress is pretty typical of our fast-times digital world, where the trade-off between convenience and the cost of that convenience can be hard to see clearly. On one hand, with WP, I can quickly plug in and experiment with tons of sophisticated features. If I was an A-list coder who could stay up for 100 hours and code up what I wanted, (given a headstart, with a framework like ProcessWire)…I’d have done that. Instead, I’ve probably spent that 100 hours on a bunch of plugins that almost do what I want, or get the job done, but with unneeded additional functions, multiple sets of settings, cumulative performance drag, and so on, all having to be addressed.

It’s possible that I could actually have done all of this myself, leveraging the framework community and the endless supply of coding help from the web, but the pull of instant gratification that WP offers is strong. Going the more DIY route, I would also have learned more fundamental stuff about how the site is built, instead of just solutions to issues with prepackaged code.

Anyhow, version 2 of the site is still all WordPress, plugins, and tweaks, now fast-loading and minimally styled. Time to really concentrate on content. Courses!