What’s Bubblworx all about?

If you were to read only these blog posts and not look at the rest of the web site, you’d have no idea what Bubblworx is supposed to be about, apart from having “courses”. Noticing this today made me wonder whether that’s some sort of subconscious signaling, that the whole idea of what we’re up to isn’t that clear in our own minds.

The site’s main sales tag is “back to basics life skills courses”. The original, call it, instinctive, idea was to present no-frills courses on a bunch of basic skills and abilities, like growing and cooking food, expressing personal creativity (art!), core skills for body and mind that can get overlooked or over-embellished in at large parts of the modern world.

OK, kinda, but then, why would this be a worthy addition to the literally millions of courses, tutorials, how-to articles and videos, about everything, and already easily available online, much of it free, a simple search away?

The answer to that question is what working out the Bubblworx concept as we go is all about! More to follow…